Buffalo Bills

Stadium: New Era Field | Coach: Sean McDermott
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense31st99.5 (20th)123.0 (32nd)
Defense3rd92.5 (8th)219.2 (6th)

Bills report: Notes, quotes

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--The Bills, who drafted three defensive backs, waived free agent corner LaShaun Ward. The move gives them a more manageable number in their secondary for training camp.

--MLB London Fletcher has changed his last name to Fletcher-Baker after his recent marriage. Why the hyphen? Fletcher told buffalobills.com that he legally changed his last name to Baker two years ago to honor his grandfather and father; he's the last male in the family with the Baker name. London's new wife, Charne, has also taken the Baker last name. The Bills have changed their roster and depth chart to reflect the change, but London said he wants to keep it to just "Fletcher" on the back of his jersey because of name recognition attained over nine NFL seasons. "Fletcher looks pretty good on the back of a jersey," he said.

--Like many of Marv Levy's former players, defensive end Phil Hansen is surprised but happy that his old coach is back working for the Bills, this time as GM in charge of football operations. Levy is 80. "I am surprised a little bit, yes," Hansen said. "I thought he'd retire but I think for Marv, this is retirement. Can he do it at that age? I don't think there's any doubt."

--DT Larry Tripplett, Buffalo's top free agent pickup, will be missed by Indianapolis, said Colts president Bill Polian. Tripplett, a second-round pick in 2002 out of Washington, was a solid player for the Colts but the team had other needs to address and couldn't afford retaining him. "Larry Tripplett ... could've played with the old Bills," said Polian, referring to those Super Bowl teams he assembled in Buffalo. "He's a tremendous worker, an incredible character person, he's a leader, he's very smart, he does everything you ask of him, he loves playing football. We're going to miss him tremendously but we knew that we when signed (Raheem) Brock, we couldn't afford to sign Larry and Brock (both). That's the only reason we made the decision. I wish he had gone to the NFC. He's a really good player and Bills fans are going to love him."

--Here's another reason Bills coach Dick Jauron is regarded as one of the NFL's "good" guys. Two days into his job as Buffalo's linebackers coach in January, Johnny Holland got a call from the Houston Texans offering him his first chance to return home to Texas and be around family since his playing days at Texas A&M. "It was awkward for a head coach to let a guy out of a contract, but Dick Jauron and I go back 21 years," Holland, now the Texans linebackers coach, told the Houston Chronicle. "He's a great, great man. He's a passionate guy. He understands family."

--OLB Takeo Spikes on the Bills' off-season changes (the team has 41 new players): "It's not too far from a complete blow up. Speaking for myself, I wish a lot of guys were back but it's water under the bridge. What gives everybody faith and hope is that if you buy into the system, things will start to go your way. You can't come out here and predetermine who the Super Bowl champ is going to be, you just can't. That's the greatest thing about football. You can do it in basketball, depending on off-season moves and coaching, but in football you can't put handle on it, you really can't."

"Times change. Everybody is marketing more. I hope it doesn't get like NASCAR." -- General manager Marv Levy on how NFL teams use training camp as a marketing tool compared to when he was coach.

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