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Powers: I was fired

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Clyde Powers, who had been with the franchise for 31 years - the last 16 as the director of pro player personnel - said he was fired by the Indianapolis Colts, contradicting an earlier statement by owner Jim Irsay that Powers was "probably going to retire."

""I'm not retiring. I was fired," Powers told the Indianapolis Star. "Chris Polian is the new vice president and general manager, and he should be entitled to have the people around him he feels comfortable with."

Also gone after 31 years with the team is video director Marty Heckscher, who Irsay said will retire, as will senior offensive assistant Tom Moore. However, Moore would be welcomed back if he again chose to return to the franchise.

Powers, who started with the franchise as an assistant coach, did add that he was given a generous severance package and harbors no ill feelings toward the team, despite the contraction in the circumstances of his departure.

"Clyde's probably going to retire; we'll see," Irsay told the Star earlier Wednesday. "He might want to do some work for the league office. He's got a place out in South Carolina. He and I talked, and (vice president/general manager) Chris Polian talked with him.

"He's a close friend of mine and we've been together a very long time. We're having some changes that are a little bit tough."

It continues a shuffling since the end of the season. Running backs coach Gene Huey was fired in January, and quarterbacks coach Frank Reich and wide receivers coach Ron Turner swapped roles in February.

--It was a quiet change, done without fanfare, but things are different in the war room of the Colts.

Bill Polian has been with the Colts since 1998 and has been front and center in the organization. Little by little, his son Chris has been taking over the personnel operations, and that became more pronounced this year.

It even led to a bit of parrying between father and son at the post-draft press conference.

The question posed was, "Did the draft-room dynamic change; Bill taking a step back, Chris taking a step forward? Would it be wrong to say, 'Chris, this is your first draft?'"

Bill Polian said, "That's not wrong."

Of course, Chris Polian said, "That's not right. That's where I would disagree with you. It's everybody's draft. Everybody worked on it."

When it was asked who led the draft, Chris Polian was deferential again, saying, "We all do. It's hokey, but it's a collaborative process."

Still, pressing on, the next question was, "Is it safe to say the dynamic has changed?"

Finally, Bill Polian said, "The dynamic has changed; there is no two ways about that. Chris set the parameters. He did the study that gave us the road map as to where we needed to go. We stayed with that. Your interest, I know, is what happens in the room. Nothing much has changed there.

"Any one of us can bring up a point. Any one of us can mention a priority. We don't make a choice that we don't all agree on. That even goes to setting the (draft) board.

"But it's fair to say that the dynamic has changed pretty dramatically because Chris sets the parameters by which you set the board up, and that's the big thing."

In February, owner Jim Irsay changed Bill Polian's title from president to vice chairman. Chris Polian's responsibilities increased as did those of director of player personnel Tom Telesco.

Irsay said then, "From an outside eye, it probably won't be noticeable. He's not taking a consultant role. Bill's not clearing out his office."

Not yet, anyway. But the handoff from father to son is underway.

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