Carolina Panthers

Stadium: Bank of America Stadium | Coach: Ron Rivera
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense18th134.5 (5th)195.4 (28th)
Defense5th89.5 (3rd)212.6 (7th)
Dec 5, 2017Dean MarloweDBpract. squad add
Dec 5, 2017Jared NorrisILBon IR, calf
Dec 5, 2017Spencer PaysingerLBsigned
Dec 2, 2017John TheusTon IR, undisclosed
Dec 2, 2017Zach MooreDEactive/prac. squad
Dec 1, 2017Charles JohnsonDEsuspended, 4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs)
Nov 28, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad add
Nov 27, 2017Jeremy CashLBsigned
Nov 24, 2017Curtis SamuelWRon IR, fractured left ankle
Nov 24, 2017Jeremy CashLBpract. squad del
Nov 22, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad del
Nov 7, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad add
Nov 1, 2017Brenton BersinWRsigned
Oct 31, 2017Kelvin BenjaminWRtraded, for 2018 3rd and 7th-round picks
Oct 31, 2017Bucky HodgesTEpract. squad del
Oct 26, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad del
Oct 25, 2017Roberto AguayoKpract. squad add
Oct 25, 2017Brad Kaayapract. squad add
Oct 25, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad add
Oct 24, 2017Demetrious CoxDBon IR, ankle
Oct 24, 2017Kaelin ClayWRacquired from waiver
Oct 24, 2017Jeremy CashLBpract. squad add
Oct 24, 2017Larry WebsterDEpract. squad del
Oct 23, 2017Kaelin ClayWRcut
Oct 23, 2017Brad Kaayacut
Oct 18, 2017L.J. McCrayDBpract. squad add
Oct 18, 2017Dezmen SouthwardDBpract. squad add
Oct 18, 2017Brad Kaayaacquired from waiver
Oct 17, 2017Andrew GachkarLBsigned
Oct 17, 2017Brad Kaayacut
Oct 17, 2017Jalen SimmonsRBpract. squad add
Oct 17, 2017Zack SanchezCBpract. squad add
Oct 16, 2017Dezmen SouthwardDBcut
Oct 16, 2017Garrett GilbertQBactive/prac. squad
Oct 14, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad del
Oct 10, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad add
Oct 10, 2017Larry WebsterDEpract. squad add
Oct 6, 2017Daeshon HallDEon IR, knee
Oct 6, 2017Dezmen SouthwardDBactive/prac. squad
Oct 6, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad del
Oct 3, 2017Damiere ByrdWRon IR, broken forearm
Oct 3, 2017Jairus ByrdDBsigned
Oct 3, 2017Jeremy CashLBcut
Sep 30, 2017Bryan CoxDEactive/prac. squad
Sep 26, 2017Jamaal JonesWRpract. squad add
Sep 26, 2017Harrison ButkerKactive/prac. squad
Sep 21, 2017Keyarris GarrettWRpract. squad del
Sep 19, 2017Alex ArmahRBactive/prac. squad
Sep 19, 2017Greg OlsenTEon IR, broken right foot
Sep 19, 2017Keyarris GarrettWRpract. squad add
Sep 19, 2017Mike PurcellNTpract. squad add
Sep 15, 2017Bucky HodgesTEpract. squad add
Sep 15, 2017Keyarris GarrettWRpract. squad del
Sep 14, 2017Cole LukeCBon IR, ankle
Sep 14, 2017Eric CrumeDTpract. squad del
Sep 14, 2017Harrison ButkerKpract. squad add
Sep 14, 2017John TheusTacquired from waiver
Sep 13, 2017Harrison ButkerKcut
Sep 13, 2017LaDarius GunterCBacquired from waiver
Sep 13, 2017Jeff RichardsDBpract. squad add
Sep 13, 2017John TheusTcut
Sep 12, 2017LaDarius GunterCBcut
Sep 12, 2017Bucky HodgesTEcut
Sep 12, 2017Ben BoulwareILBpract. squad del
Sep 11, 2017Brenton BersinWRcut
Sep 11, 2017Chris ScottGcut
Sep 11, 2017L.J. McCrayDBcut
Sep 11, 2017Jeff RichardsDBcut
Sep 8, 2017Gino GradkowskiCcut
Sep 7, 2017Zack SanchezCBcut
Sep 5, 2017Ben BoulwareILBpract. squad add
Sep 4, 2017Andy LeePsigned, Two-year contract (through 2018)
Sep 4, 2017Joe WebbQBsigned
Sep 4, 2017Alex ArmahRBpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Alex ArmahRBcut
Sep 3, 2017Blaine ClausellTpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Brad Kaayaacquired from waiver
Sep 3, 2017Bryan CoxDEpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Corn ElderCBon IR, knee
Sep 3, 2017Damian ParmsDBpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Demetrious CoxDBacquired from waiver
Sep 3, 2017Dezmen SouthwardDBpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Eric CrumeDTpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Garrett GilbertQBpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Keyarris GarrettWRpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Mose FrazierWRpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Zach MooreDEpract. squad add
Sep 3, 2017Jeff RichardsDBacquired from waiver
Sep 2, 2017Kaelin ClayWRtraded, w/ 2019 draft pick for CB Kevon Seymour
Sep 2, 2017Andy LeePcut
Sep 2, 2017Ben BoulwareILBcut
Sep 2, 2017Blaine ClausellTcut
Sep 2, 2017Bryan CoxDEcut
Sep 2, 2017Damian ParmsDBcut
Sep 2, 2017Darrel YoungFBcut
Sep 2, 2017Dezmen SouthwardDBcut
Sep 2, 2017Eric CrumeDTcut
Sep 2, 2017Eric WallaceTEcut
Sep 2, 2017Ezekiel BiggerLBcut
Sep 2, 2017Garrett GilbertQBcut
Sep 2, 2017Jalen SimmonsRBcut
Sep 2, 2017Jeff RichardsDBcut
Sep 2, 2017Joe WebbQBcut
Sep 2, 2017Kevon SeymourCBtraded, for WR Kaelin Clay and 2019 draft pick
Sep 2, 2017Keyarris GarrettWRcut
Sep 2, 2017Larry WebsterDEcut
Sep 2, 2017Mose FrazierWRcut
Sep 2, 2017Toby JohnsonDTcut
Sep 2, 2017Zach MooreDEcut
Sep 2, 2017Roberto AguayoKcut
Sep 2, 2017Demetrious CoxDBcut
Sep 2, 2017Brad Kaayacut
Sep 2, 2017Andrew GachkarLBcut
Sep 2, 2017Jamaal JonesWRcut
Sep 2, 2017Mike PurcellNTcut
Sep 1, 2017Arthur MileyDEcut
Sep 1, 2017Brian FolkertsCcut
Sep 1, 2017Bryce WilliamsTEcut
Sep 1, 2017Connor WujciakDTcut
Sep 1, 2017Dan FranceTon IR, concussion
Sep 1, 2017David YankeyGon IR, back
Sep 1, 2017Devonte JohnsonDBcut
Sep 1, 2017Fred RossWRon IR, ankle
Sep 1, 2017Gabriel MassDTcut
Sep 1, 2017Scott SimonsonTEon IR, back
Sep 1, 2017Teddy WilliamsDBon IR, neck, shoulder
Sep 1, 2017Trevor GrahamWRcut
Sep 1, 2017Spencer PaysingerLBcut
Aug 15, 2017Dean MarloweDBcut
Aug 15, 2017Thomas DavisOLBre-signed, One-year extension (through 2018)
Aug 14, 2017Connor WujciakDTsigned
Aug 14, 2017Drew IddingsDTon IR, shoulder
Aug 13, 2017Roberto AguayoKacquired from waiver
Aug 13, 2017Andrew GachkarLBsigned/unrest FA
Aug 12, 2017Brian FolkertsCsigned
Aug 12, 2017Roberto AguayoKcut
Aug 10, 2017Travell DixonDBcut
Aug 8, 2017Arthur MileyDEacquired from waiver
Aug 7, 2017Arthur MileyDEcut
Aug 3, 2017Bryce WilliamsTEsigned
Aug 2, 2017Devonte JohnsonDBsigned
July 30, 2017Damian ParmsDBsigned
July 28, 2017Drew IddingsDTsigned
July 26, 2017Charles D. JohnsonWRon IR, knee
July 25, 2017Greg Van RotenGsigned
July 25, 2017Ryan DelaireDEcut
July 24, 2017Trevor GrahamWRsigned
July 20, 2017Michael OherTcut
July 20, 2017Trai TurnerGre-signed, Four-year extension (through 2021)