NHL Play by Play - New York vs. Tampa Bay

Period: 1st · 2nd · 3rd
00.0 TB won faceoff.
09.0 TB Tom Pyatt shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
15.0 TB J.T. Wyman shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
38.0 NYI Mark Streit shot on goal (Wrap Shot)
43.0 NYI GOAL Matt Moulson (Backhand Shot), Assists: Mark Streit and Andrew MacDonald
43.0 TB won faceoff.
01:32 TB Tim Wallace credited with hit.
03:28 NYI John Tavares shot on goal (Tip-In)
03:34 Game Stoppage: Frozen puck
03:34 NYI won faceoff.
04:03 NYI Andrew MacDonald credited with hit.
04:41 TB Brett Clark shot on goal (Backhand Shot)
04:45 Game Stoppage: Frozen puck
04:45 NYI won faceoff.
05:12 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
05:12 NYI won faceoff.
05:22 NYI Matt Martin credited with hit.
05:47 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
05:47 NYI won faceoff.
05:50 NYI Travis Hamonic shot on goal (Slap Shot)
05:51 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
05:51 NYI won faceoff.
06:44 TB Brian Lee credited with hit.
07:04 NYI Josh Bailey shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
08:40 NYI Marty Reasoner credited with hit.
08:54 NYI Matt Martin shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
08:57 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
08:57 Game StoppageCommercial
08:57 TB won faceoff.
09:08 TB GOAL Tom Pyatt (Tip-In), Assists: Ryan Malone and Brett Connolly
09:08 NYI won faceoff.
10:31 TB Brett Connolly credited with hit.
10:45 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
10:45 Game StoppageCommercial
10:45 TB won faceoff.
10:53 Game Stoppage: Icing
10:53 NYI won faceoff.
12:10 TB GOAL Tim Wallace (Wrist Shot), Assists: Steven Stamkos and Pierre-Cedric Labrie
12:10 TB won faceoff.
12:13 TB Ryan Malone shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
12:16 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
12:16 TB won faceoff.
12:31 TB Tom Pyatt shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
12:57 TB J.T. Wyman shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
13:32 Game Stoppage: Referee
13:33 NYI Kyle Okposo penalty Tripping - 2 min.
13:32 TB won faceoff.
13:56 TBPower Play: Martin St. Louis shot on goal (Slap Shot)
13:59 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
13:59 NYI won faceoff.
14:42 TBPower Play: Ryan Malone shot on goal (Tip-In)
14:48 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:48 NYI won faceoff.
16:18 TB Eric Brewer credited with hit.
17:27 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
17:27 Game StoppageCommercial
17:27 TB won faceoff.
17:30 TB Steven Stamkos shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
17:34 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
17:34 TB won faceoff.
19:13 NYI P.A. Parenteau shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
19:20 Game Stoppage: Icing
19:20 Game Stoppage: Away timeout
19:20 NYI won faceoff.
19:57 Game Stoppage: Icing
19:57 TB won faceoff.