NHL Play by Play - Carolina vs. St. Louis

Period: 1st · 2nd · 3rd
00.0 CAR won faceoff.
19.0 STL Chris Stewart credited with hit.
36.0 STL Brenden Morrow credited with hit.
42.0 Game Stoppage: Icing
42.0 CAR won faceoff.
48.0 CAR Nathan Gerbe shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
59.0 CAR Eric Staal shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
01:51 Game Stoppage: Injury
01:51 CAR won faceoff.
02:00 STL Alex Pietrangelo credited with hit.
02:19 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
02:19 STL won faceoff.
02:33 STL Roman Polak credited with hit.
04:44 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
04:44 STL won faceoff.
04:57 STL T.J. Oshie shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
05:04 Game Stoppage: Referee
05:04 STL T.J. Oshie penalty Hooking - 2 min.
05:04 CAR won faceoff.
07:09 CAR Nathan Gerbe shot on goal (Snap Shot)
07:25 STL Roman Polak credited with hit.
08:08 STL David Backes shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
08:37 Game Stoppage: Icing
08:37 STL won faceoff.
08:46 STL Kevin Shattenkirk credited with hit.
09:06 CAR Justin Faulk shot on goal (Snap Shot)
09:25 STL GOAL Roman Polak (Wrist Shot), Assists: Chris Stewart and Alexander Steen
09:25 CAR won faceoff.
09:31 Game Stoppage: Offside
09:31 Game StoppageCommercial
09:31 STL won faceoff.
10:30 CAR Eric Staal shot on goal (Slap Shot)
11:36 STL GOAL David Backes (Slap Shot), Assists: Brenden Morrow and Jay Bouwmeester
11:36 Game Stoppage: Away timeout
11:36 STL won faceoff.
12:13 CAR Chris Terry shot on goal (Snap Shot)
12:27 Game Stoppage: Icing
12:27 Game Stoppage: Home timeout
12:27 STL won faceoff.
12:40 CAR Mike Komisarek credited with hit.
12:45 STL David Backes credited with hit.
13:24 CAR Brett Bellemore credited with hit.
13:36 CAR Jordan Staal shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
13:39 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
13:39 Game StoppageCommercial
13:39 CAR won faceoff.
13:50 CAR Nathan Gerbe shot on goal (Backhand Shot)
14:06 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
14:06 CAR won faceoff.
14:20 CAR Tim Gleason shot on goal (Snap Shot)
14:23 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:23 STL won faceoff.
15:01 STL Brenden Morrow shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
15:05 Game Stoppage: Referee
15:05 Game StoppageCommercial
15:05 CAR Chris Terry penalty Too Many Men on the Ice(bench) - 2 min.
15:05 CAR won faceoff.
15:37 CARShort: GOAL Eric Staal (Backhand Shot), Assist: Manny Malhotra
15:37 STL won faceoff.
16:04 STLPower Play: Jay Bouwmeester shot on goal (Slap Shot)
16:34 CARShort: GOAL Nathan Gerbe (Wrist Shot), Assist: Riley Nash
16:34 CAR won faceoff.
17:01 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
17:01 CAR won faceoff.
17:36 STL T.J. Oshie shot on goal (Slap Shot)
17:46 Game Stoppage: Offside
17:46 CAR won faceoff.
18:05 STL Jaden Schwartz shot on goal (Backhand Shot)
18:09 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
18:09 STL won faceoff.
18:14 CAR Andrej Sekera credited with hit.
18:22 STL Barret Jackman credited with hit.
18:39 CAR Eric Staal credited with hit.
18:48 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
18:48 CAR won faceoff.
18:54 Game Stoppage: Offside
18:54 STL won faceoff.
18:58 Game Stoppage: Offside
18:58 STL won faceoff.
19:04 STL Kevin Shattenkirk shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
19:30 STL Roman Polak credited with hit.
19:36 CAR Tuomo Ruutu shot on goal (Wrist Shot)