NHL Play by Play - New York vs. Montreal

Period: 1st · 2nd · 3rd
00.0 NYR won faceoff.
22.0 MON Rene Bourque credited with hit.
30.0 MON Rene Bourque shot on goal (Backhand Shot)
39.0 NYR Rick Nash shot on goal (Snap Shot)
42.0 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
42.0 NYR won faceoff.
01:04 Game Stoppage: Offside
01:04 NYR won faceoff.
01:48 Game Stoppage: Icing
01:48 NYR won faceoff.
02:23 Game Stoppage: Offside
02:23 NYR won faceoff.
03:04 NYR Benoit Pouliot shot on goal (Snap Shot)
03:07 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
03:07 NYR won faceoff.
03:43 Game Stoppage: Icing
03:43 NYR won faceoff.
03:49 NYR Ryan McDonagh shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
04:16 NYR Benoit Pouliot credited with hit.
04:35 NYR GOAL Martin St. Louis (Wrist Shot), Assists: Dominic Moore and Kevin Klein
04:35 NYR won faceoff.
05:04 MON Mike Weaver credited with hit.
06:10 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
06:10 Game StoppageCommercial
06:10 NYR won faceoff.
06:27 NYR GOAL Mats Zuccarello (Wrist Shot), Assists: Ryan McDonagh and Dominic Moore
06:27 Game Stoppage: Home timeout
06:27 NYR won faceoff.
06:47 NYR Derek Dorsett credited with hit.
06:54 MON Josh Gorges credited with hit.
07:21 MON David Desharnais shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
08:09 MON Tomas Plekanec shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
08:20 Game Stoppage: Icing
08:20 NYR won faceoff.
08:59 Game Stoppage: Offside
08:59 NYR won faceoff.
10:39 Game Stoppage: Icing
10:39 NYR won faceoff.
11:12 Game Stoppage: Hand pass
11:12 Game StoppageCommercial
11:12 MON won faceoff.
11:20 MON Lars Eller shot on goal (Snap Shot)
11:22 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
11:22 NYR won faceoff.
11:26 Game Stoppage: Offside
11:26 MON won faceoff.
11:58 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
11:58 NYR won faceoff.
12:19 NYR Dan Girardi credited with hit.
13:09 NYR Carl Hagelin shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
13:11 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
13:11 MON won faceoff.
13:40 Game Stoppage: Offside
13:40 NYR won faceoff.
13:47 Game Stoppage: Icing
13:47 NYR won faceoff.
13:59 NYR Benoit Pouliot shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
14:01 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:01 MON won faceoff.
14:23 Game Stoppage: Referee
14:23 Game StoppageCommercial
14:23 MON won faceoff.
15:06 MON Mike Weaver credited with hit.
15:13 MON Rene Bourque shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
15:25 Game Stoppage: Referee
15:25 MON Rene Bourque penalty Hooking - 2 min.
15:25 MON won faceoff.
16:27 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
16:27 MON won faceoff.
17:15 NYRPower Play: John Moore shot on goal (Slap Shot)
17:51 Game Stoppage: Referee
17:51 MON Rene Bourque penalty Hooking - 2 min.
17:51 NYR won faceoff.
17:55 NYRPower Play: Benoit Pouliot shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
18:05 NYRPower Play: Chris Kreider shot on goal (Tip-In)
18:22 NYRPower Play: Brad Richards shot on goal (Slap Shot)
18:23 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
18:23 NYR won faceoff.
18:42 NYRPower Play: Mats Zuccarello shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
19:19 MONShort: Max Pacioretty shot on goal (Snap Shot)