NHL Play by Play - Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo

Period: 1st · 2nd · 3rd
00.0 TB won faceoff.
14.0 Game Stoppage: Icing
14.0 TB won faceoff.
28.0 Game Stoppage: Icing
28.0 TB won faceoff.
36.0 TB Mikhail Sergachev blocked.
49.0 TB Anton Stralman shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
01:07 TB Brayden Point blocked.
01:18 TB Brayden Point blocked.
01:22 Game Stoppage: Icing
01:22 TB won faceoff.
02:02 TB Yanni Gourde missed shot. (Wide of Net)
02:04 BUF Casey Nelson credited with hit.
02:08 TB Steven Stamkos missed shot. (Over Net)
02:21 TB Jake Dotchin penalty Slashing - 2 min.
02:21 TB won faceoff.
02:55 BUFPower Play: Evan Rodrigues shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
02:55 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
02:55 BUF won faceoff.
02:58 BUFPower Play: Rasmus Ristolainen shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
02:58 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
02:58 TB won faceoff.
03:30 BUFPower Play: Ryan O'Reilly shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
03:39 BUFPower Play: Kyle Okposo missed shot. (Wide of Net)
03:41 BUFPower Play: GOAL Ryan O'Reilly (Backhand Shot), Assists: Kyle Okposo and Rasmus Ristolainen
03:41 BUF won faceoff.
03:52 BUF Johan Larsson credited with hit.
03:55 BUF Justin Falk shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
03:55 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
03:55 TB won faceoff.
04:23 BUF Johan Larsson credited with hit.
05:15 BUF Casey Nelson shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
05:15 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
05:15 BUF won faceoff.
05:40 BUF Benoit Pouliot shot on goal. (Backhand Shot)
05:40 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
05:40 BUF won faceoff.
05:58 BUF Evander Kane missed shot. (Wide of Net)
06:45 BUF Casey Nelson credited with hit.
06:48 TB Nikita Kucherov credited with hit.
06:49 TB Brayden Point shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
06:50 Game Stoppage: Frozen puck
06:50 TB won faceoff.
07:26 BUF Jason Pominville credited with hit.
07:31 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
07:31 TB won faceoff.
08:02 BUF Rasmus Ristolainen blocked.
08:51 TB Braydon Coburn credited with hit.
08:53 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
08:53 TB won faceoff.
09:09 Game Stoppage: Frozen puck
09:09 BUF won faceoff.
09:24 BUF Evander Kane credited with hit.
09:32 BUF Kyle Okposo penalty Tripping - 2 min.
09:32 BUF won faceoff.
10:08 TBPower Play: Vladislav Namestnikov credited with hit.
10:54 BUFShort: Jacob Josefson shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
11:10 TBPower Play: Ryan Callahan shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
11:29 TBPower Play: Tyler Johnson blocked.
11:34 TB Mikhail Sergachev shot on goal. (Slap Shot)
11:36 TB GOAL Ryan Callahan (Wrist Shot), Assists: Mikhail Sergachev and Brayden Point
11:36 TB won faceoff.
11:48 TB Adam Erne shot on goal.
11:52 Game Stoppage: Icing
11:52 BUF won faceoff.
12:03 BUF Kyle Okposo blocked.
12:15 BUF Evan Rodrigues shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
12:16 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
12:16 TB won faceoff.
12:21 BUF Jason Pominville blocked.
12:26 TB Adam Erne credited with hit.
12:30 Game Stoppage: Offside
12:30 BUF won faceoff.
12:41 TB Jake Dotchin missed shot. (Over Net)
14:14 BUF Sam Reinhart shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
14:14 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:14 TB won faceoff.
14:28 TB Braydon Coburn credited with hit.
14:39 BUF Scott Wilson missed shot. (Goal Post)
14:39 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:39 BUF won faceoff.
14:43 BUF Marco Scandella shot on goal. (Wrist Shot)
14:44 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:44 TB won faceoff.
14:51 Game Stoppage: Icing
14:51 TB won faceoff.
15:08 Game Stoppage: Offside
15:08 TB won faceoff.
15:31 TB Victor Hedman credited with hit.
15:35 BUF Marco Scandella credited with hit.
15:37 TB Nikita Kucherov missed shot. (Wide of Net)
16:14 BUF Marco Scandella credited with hit.
16:21 BUF Casey Nelson credited with hit.
17:47 BUF Benoit Pouliot missed shot. (Wide of Net)
17:56 TB Mikhail Sergachev credited with hit.
18:25 BUF Jason Pominville missed shot. (Wide of Net)
18:35 BUF Rasmus Ristolainen blocked.
18:54 Game Stoppage: High stick
18:54 BUF won faceoff.
19:09 Game Stoppage: Icing
19:09 BUF Rasmus Ristolainen missed shot. (Wide of Net)
19:09 TB won faceoff.
19:42 Game Stoppage: Puck in Benches
19:42 TB won faceoff.
19:52 BUF GOAL Sam Reinhart (Empty Net), Assist: Ryan O'Reilly
19:52 TB won faceoff.