2020 NHL Draft Lottery
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The NHL held the first stage of its 2020 Draft Lottery on June 26 but we've had to wait to find out which team will have the right to pick first overall. That wait is over on Monday night, when Phase 2 of the lottery will happen. It's been a long wait because back in June, the lucky lottery balls bounced in favor for a mystery placeholder team, meaning one of the eight teams eliminated in the play-in round of this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs will get the No. 1 pick.

Now, several weeks later, eight teams have been eliminated after the play-in round and have a shot at the No. 1 pick: 

After COVID-19 brought a league shutdown and premature end to the regular season, the NHL opened up its playoff format to 24 qualifying teams (expanded from 16) this year, which meant that the draft lottery had to be tweaked a bit as well. The seven teams that didn't make the postseason were automatically entered into the lottery with the top-seven best odds, while the eight remaining spots in the lottery will go to the teams that lose their best-of-five play-in series. One of those eight teams will win the rights to the No. 1 pick on Monday night because in Phase 1, a ping pong ball representing an a play-in team was selected.

In the simplest terms: We have not know who will pick No. 1, but one of the eight teams that were eliminated in the qualifying round of the playoffs will get rewarded with that top pick on Monday night.

Here's a look at the first 15 positions of the first round:

1. TBD, determined by Phase 2

2. Los Angeles Kings

3. Ottawa Senators (from San Jose)

4. Detroit Red Wings

5. Ottawa Senators

6. Anaheim Ducks

7. New Jersey Devils

8. Buffalo Sabres

9. TBD, determined by Phase 2

10. TBD, determined by Phase 2

11. TBD, determined by Phase 2

12. TBD, determined by Phase 2

13. TBD, determined by Phase 2

14. TBD, determined by Phase 2

15. TBD, determined by Phase 2