The NHL became the first major American sports league to announce its intention to return with live sports play on Tuesday. While fans might have to wait a bit for the action to fully return, there's at least a plan in place for the season to resume in this calendar year.

The plan in question is one that foregoes the remainder of the regular season and jumps straight to the postseason--a 24-team pool for the Stanley Cup, to be exact. With that news in mind, it means that there's going to be new odds on which of the 24 playoff-bound teams has the best chance to lift that famed cup over their head on the ice.

Unsurprisingly to those who paid attention to the season, the odds are particularly sympathetic to the Boston Bruins at +550. At the time that the NHL announced it was going to put its schedule on pause because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bruins were leading the NHL with 100 total points on the season. 

Tied with Boston are the Vegas Golden Knights, who also boast +550 odds to win it all, and were third in the Western Conference in total points at the time of suspension, with 82. Ahead of them were last year's Stanley Cup champions, the St. Louis Blues (94 points), and the Colorado Avalanche (92 points). The Blues sit at +800 while the Avalanche sit at +850.

You can find the entire list of Stanley Cup odds, courtesy of William Hill Sportsbook, below:

Vegas Golden Knights +550
Boston Bruins +550
Tampa Bay Lightning +600
Washington Capitals +800
St. Louis Blues +800
Colorado Avalanche +850
Philadelphia Flyers +1200
Dallas Stars +1500
Pittsburgh Penguins +1500
Nashville Predators +2500
Edmonton Oilers +2500
Toronto Maple Leafs +2500
Calgary Flames +3000
Winnipeg Jets +5000
Vancouver Canucks +5000
Arizona Coyotes +5000
Carolina Hurricanes +5000
New York Rangers +7500
Columbus Blue Jackets +7500
Florida Panthers +7500
New York Islanders +7500
Minnesota Wild +7500
Montreal Canadiens +10000
Chicago Blackhawks +10000