24/7 VIDEO: David Clarkson, Todd Bertuzzi argue over water bottle

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The third episode of 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs Road to the Winter Classic was not the most thrilling hour of television, but it deliver a somewhat comical moment from the game between Detroit and Toronto.

Todd Bertuzzi is known to stir the pot a bit and did so when shooting a puck at Jonathan Bernier’s water bottle, which was on the ice, after a whistle. David Clarkson didn’t like that Bertuzzi went after his water bottle, and really wouldn’t let it go. NSFW Language Warning.

Here's a loose transcription of how the conversation between the two transpired:

Clarkson: "[Expletive] off. Don’t hit his bottle."

Bertuzzi: "His water bottle was on the [expletive] ground."

Clarkson: "I don’t give a [expletive]."

Bertuzzi: "Don’t worry about a [expletive] water bottle."

Clarkson: "I am worried about a [expletive] water bottle. It’s our [expletive] water bottle. Don’t [expletive] touch it."

Bertuzzi: "I’ll buy you one."

Clarkson: "OK, perfect, you buy me one."

Later in the game with Clarkson and Bertuzzi lined up for a faceoff… Clarkson still wouldn’t let it go.

Clarkson: "I don’t care whose bottle it is, you always do the same [expletive]."

Bertuzzi: "It shouldn’t have even [expletive] been there to begin with."

Clarkson: "Doesn’t matter. The [expletive] ref knocked it off. I don’t give a [expletive]."

Bertuzzi: "It shouldn’t [expletive] matter."

Clarkson: "It doesn’t matter to me neither."

So, now we all know. David Clarkson will not take kindly to you shooting a puck at his goaltender's water bottle and it will bother him for the duration of a hockey game.

And that, folks, was the most interesting dialogue of the episode. It was that kind of night for the typically intriguing program.

On the other hand, though, it shows that Bertuzzi almost has to do literally nothing to get under the skin of his opponents. Veteran savvy? Reputation? Who knows. It shouldn't [expletive] matter.

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