Alex Ovechkin discusses CBA negotiations, makes plans in case of lockout

OvechkinEven though he would rather be playing in the NHL this upcoming season, Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkinseems like he's prepared to be one of the many players that will turn to the KHL in the event that the NHL season doesn't start on time due to a lockout.

"Of course I’m probably going to be there (the Kontinental Hockey League). But I don’t want to be there; I want to be here,” said Ovechkin on Tuesday, via the Washington Times, when discussing the ongoing CBA negotiations with the Washington media. “But, again, my contract is here and I hope the NHL and NHLPA are going to sign a deal before the 15th.”

He's not the only person who hopes the two sides are able to reach an agreement before games are missed, but with each passing day it becomes more and more likely that the NHL will experience yet another work stoppage. The two sides broke off talks on Friday following the players' latest proposal to the league, and no further talks are scheduled just 10 days ahead of the deadline.

Training camps are scheduled to start Sept. 21.

Obviously, time is running out.

Ovechkin also had some strong words for the owners who want to cut player salaries. Ovechkin is miffed why owners continue to give out the types of contracts they've signed players to this offseason.

"Why they still sign the guys for 10 years and five years?" Ovechkin asked. "It looks strange and looks stupid and they right now say, 'We want to cut salary and we want to cut everything.' And I think lots of guys, they're just not coming back if this happen."

Ovechkin is in the middle of a 13-year contract he signed before the start of the 2008-09 season.

When asked if he thought players would leave the NHL to play in other leagues for the remainder of their careers, Ovechkin simply said, "Yeah, why not?"

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