Alex Ovechkin spending free time at MMA fights in big Mike Tyson shirts

Alex Ovechkin has been spending his days during the NHL lockout by playing for Dynamo Moscow in the KHL in his native Russia. For the most part, that kept him busy. But now the KHL is on an extended holiday break, leaving Ovechkin to his devices like the rest of the players around the globe who haven't been picked up in another league.

So how is the Washington Capitals' captain spending that time? He's probably enjoying life with tennis-playing girlfriend Maria Kirilenko for starters, but he's also attending MMA fights in Moscow. Not only is he attending, he's even standing in the ring while the decision is announced.

And, just to make this oh-so-much sweeter, Ovechkin is standing in the ring while the decision is read while wearing Mike Tyson's face on his chest. For those keeping score at home, Mike Tyson was there at the start of a hockey game earlier this year by whipping a siren and Ovechkin was there to end a fight with a Tyson shirt. The symmetery is almost complete.

For those interested in such details, former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski won the decision over Mike Hayes. But clearly that's second fiddle. I mean, did you see that shirt?

Please, NHL and the players, we beg of you ... end this lockout.

Via The Luke Thomas tumblr

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