Andrew Ference admits he really did flip off Canadiens fans in playoffs

Let me take you back a little more than a year in time. It was the first round of the playoffs and the Boston Bruins were playing their long-time rivals the Montreal Canadiens in an intense series which saw the B's drop the first two games at home.

You know, of course, that the Bruins would climb out of the hole as they went on to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in decades. But along the way there were some rather memorable moments. Like Andrew Ference's "equipment malfunction," as he put it.

Remember? That was when he scored a game-tying goal in Game 4 in Montreal and his glove messed up by raising his middle finger directly at the Habs fans in attendance. It was an incredibly unfortunate malfunction.

Well we had a major revelation this week. It turns out -- this will come as a major shock to you -- that he didn't actually have a glove malfunction. Ference was actually flipping the Montreal fans the bird. I know, I know, it's hard to believe but it's true. Ference said as much.

In a blog post that Ference posted on June 26, Ference revealed the horrible, shameful truth.

"Accountability is lacking in our world. Just look at nuisance lawsuits, or the finger-pointing of politicians around the globe. I am guilty myself of trying to blame a middle-fingered celebration after a goal in Montreal on a glove malfunction. In round one of the playoffs between two of the fiercest rivals in our sport, I scored a tying goal in the enemy’s building, only to have my fist pump turn into a sign language that crosses all borders. Facing the media and a possible suspension after the fact proved to be too much for my self-accountability. Self-preservation is a powerful thing ... it is easier to place blame elsewhere and overlook your own responsibilities."

All right, I will drop the sarcasm now. This is like Jose Canseco admitting he did steroids years after the fact. Thanks for the tip, Jose. We already knew that.

The league wisely didn't fall for it either as Ference was given the standard (and maximum) fine of $2,500 for an obscene gesture. It was kind of a dead giveaway then when he didn't fight the fine that he probably was fibbing a little bit.

I think Ference owes some people an apology. No, not the folks of Montreal but the manufacturers of his glove. He besmirched their brand by insinuating their equipment-making skills were subpar and led to inadvertent raising of the middle finger. But while he's at it he could probably apologize to the Montreal fans too.

H/t to CSN New England

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