Are Coyotes taking priority in Glendale over public safety?

The situation in Glendale with the Phoenix Coyotes has been far from ideal. Not only has the franchise been in a state of uncertainty for a few years now, but the city has been footing a huge chunk of change.

As part of the NHL's condition for keeping the team and running it while the ownership search drags on, the city has put up $25 million to help cover operating losses. That's a lot of money for a pro hockey team that has to come from somewhere in the budget.

That somewhere is in the city's emergency personnel, see: police and fire departments. The numbers in the city are up, and not in a good way as NBC 12 in Phoenix reports.

I love hockey as much as the next guy, but really how can it be justified to keep a team that hasn't shown a whole lot in the way of staying power at the expense of the budget for necessary municipal functions? It can't.

This is more proof for me that the current arrangement just can't be continued for another season. There will be a new owner for the team next season whether it be in Glendale or some other city.

I understand the city not wanting to have a White Elephant on its hands in Arena, but at some point the priorities of the city have to be straightened. I am somebody who has never been opposed to public money for sports but even this upsets me and I've never even been in Arizona.

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