AUDIO: Top Oct. goal calls from Panthers announcer Randy Moller

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Florida Panthers radio announcer Randy Moller doesn't get to call a lot of goals as the Panthers struggle to score year in and year out but he gets the most out of every call he makes.

By now Moller's story is pretty well known but if you're not familiar, for a few years now the former player has been using pop culture references in the moments of bliss when the Panthers score and often the results are fantastic. It was something he was originally put up to by Miami radio host Dan LeBatard to make things that much more exciting for hockey on the radio and Moller took it and ran with it.

So here we have the top five goal calls from the opening opening month by Moller.

No. 5: Jonathan Huberdeau goal: "You boys drank a lot of beers" -- this one I'm not sure where it comes from, anybody know?
No. 4: Tomas Fleischmann goal: "I'm in a glass case of emotion!" -- Anchorman
No. 3: Jesse Winchester goal: "I've got 99 problems but Jesse Winchester ain't one!" -- Jay-Z
No. 2: Scott Gomez goal: "Hide your kids, hide your wife!" -- this guy ...

No. 1: Marcel Goc goal: "Daddy I want a golden ticket, now!" -- Veruca Salt, Willy Wonka.

If you're neutral on the Panthers (and let's face it, just about everybody is) then you should hope they score a lot more goals because few calls get better than Moller's.

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