Battle Creek Revolution would like you to know why they stunk

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Ask a coach and or organization at the end of a bad season what went wrong and you'll usually get bland answers. You'll hear "we had some bad breaks," talk about injuries or the occassional "we're just not very good; we'll be better next year."

Never do you see the kind of straightforward talk the Battle Creek Revolution shared about their abysmal 7-38-1-2 season in the Tier III Junior A NA3HL league.

At the risk of sounding like a stoner at the wrong time: Whooooa.

Somebody is clearly frustrated with his team and things went a little off the tracks. But to air your dirty laundry like this via Twitter? Crazy.

UPDATE: reports that it spoke with the governor of the team ("a man named Nick") who claims that the Twitter account (which has since been deleted) was not associated with the team. But if you go to the team's website it links to the since-deleted Twitter account on its front page. If you click on the Twitter icon on the site right now it simply takes you to But you can still see where it's supposed to link to, and it's the since-deleted account shown above. It appears they were hacked. But that doesn't explain why they would deny association with the account in general when it was clearly on their website, and in fact, associated with the team.

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