Bruins-Blues Stanley Cup Final is an awkward matchup for 'The Office' co-stars John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer

If you're the type of soul who feels personally invested in the TV marriage shared by two fictitious characters from a show that has been off the air for six years, well... the upcoming Stanley Cup Final might be a bit weird for you.

The Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues will go head-to-head as the Cup Final gets underway next week, and that's being seen a conflicting matchup for Jim & Pam Halpert from "The Office." You see, the actor who plays Jim (John Krasinski) is from the Boston area, while the actress who plays Pam (Jenna Fischer) hails from the St. Louis area. 

The actors aren't married in real life, and neither of their characters in the show seemed to be particularly passionate hockey fans (though they were conveniently located within close proximity of the AHL's Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins). Also, their characters do not hail from the respective cities that the actors claim. With that in mind, it'd be weird if the fictional Halpert household actually had any skin in this SCF.

However, Fischer has been on board with her hometown Blues' run to the Final this year, and she hasn't been shy about it. 

And after the Blues punched their ticket by closing out the Western Conference Final against the Sharks on Tuesday night, the clashing fandoms between Krasinski and Fischer was promptly addressed by both parties.

So I guess this is now a thing? I suppose we shouldn't be surprised considering "The Office" popularity has seemingly only gone up since it went off the air, thanks in large part to streaming services and syndication. But next thing you're going to tell me is that the Stanley Cup is named after this guy.

If we're being honest and living in "The Office" fantasy world here, someone has to point out that there's no guarantee that Jim and Pam's marriage would have even lasted until this Stanley Cup Final. Those two had their issues -- who buys their parents' house without running it by their partner first? -- and they almost split up the second Jim left town to pursue a new career. As soon as the office sound guy showed Pam some attention there was trouble in paradise. 

That might be a controversial take but it's true and you know it. Maybe whoever wins the Cup can decide which parent gets primary custody of the kids.

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