Bruins' Milan Lucic not sorry for Game 7 handshake line behavior

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The Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins played a thrilling Game 7 this week that ended with the Habs pulling off the improbable upset. The game was overshadowed by what happened during the traditional end-of-series handshake line, however.

Bruins forward Milan Lucic made threats during what is supposed to be the NHL’s parade of good sportsmanship, to various Habs players including forward Dale Weise and defenseman Alexei Emelin. According to TSN, Lucic told Weise “I’m going to [expletive] kill you next year.”

That brought about much debate about Lucic, sportsmanship, class, “what’s said on the ice should stay there,” and even the necessity of the handshake line itself. So after a few days, what does Lucic have to say about it?

According to’s Joe McDonald, it’s this:

Is it a surprise that Lucic has no regrets? Probably not. That was an emotional series and Lucic said what was on his mind at that very moment. He may not have expected it to blow up in the press as it has, but when you have a series as vicious as the one between his Bruins and Montreal, the controversy was sure to be long lasting.

You better believe we’ll all be talking about it when the Habs meet the Bruins for the first time next season and there will probably be cameras dedicated Lucic and Weise should the Habs forward remain with the team as his contract expires after this season.

So what is the lesson we all should learn from this?

Emotions run high, not every NHL player can compartmentalize what happens between the buzzers as sometimes those things come to a boiling point. There is supposed to be a level of decorum and sportsmanship in these situations, but it's probably unrealistic to expect every NHL player to put the competitiveness aside.

Let’s not let Lucic off the hook, though. You would hope that he’d be able to swallow the hate for a few seconds. He does come off like a sore loser in this whole thing, which is never a good look. There's a time and a place for that kind of behavior and it really doesn't seem like the handshake line is the right venue for it.

Lucic is probably right in that he is not the first or last person to not be so kind during the handshake line. With cameras and microphones everywhere, these things are going to continue to crop up and as NHL players are continually held in too high a regard when it comes to playing with honor and humility, it will continue to be viewed as controversially as the Lucic incident was.

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