Bruins players read nice tweets about themselves and the results are fantastic

You've seen mean tweets, but may we present you with a nicer approach of that same concept. 

Athletes get a lot of hate on Twitter and other social media platforms from fans who want them to play better, from opposing fans who wish they would play worse or just people deciding to spew hate online, but players also get a lot of love. 

The Boston Bruins shared a video of their team reading nice tweets directed towards them as part of their "Bruins Academy" series and the results will make you smile. 

So pure. 

Connor Clifton proudly holds up a photo of him with a fan that says, "Connor Clifton of the NHL Bruins could not have been a nicer guy." 

Torey Krug reads a tweet that says, "Torey Krug was my first true love," but the message of admiration is from @nhlmcavoy. Is this actually Charlie's burner account?

"Chris Wagner is an angel," the player mentioned says, adding that his mom says that too, but also makes some comments that could belong in a "mean tweets" video. Be nice to mom, Chris.

Charlie Coyle's day seemed to be made by the tweet calling him an "angel." Laughing, the Massachusetts native says, "Ah, these are great."

Coyle got another one that made him chuckle that read, "Pretty cool that Charlie Coyle is actually Wayne Gretzky." His response was, "I like where his head's at but I don't know if his eyes work properly." Coyle deserves some love but Gretzky is pushing it just a bit. 

"Danton Heinton is such a nugget. I love him!" one fan writes on social media. "Wow. 6:50 a.m. that must have been her first thought too," Heinton comments.

Tuukka Rask is good, and he knows it. "Tuukka Rask is elite," the goalie reads, responding with, "Thank you Alex. You are right."

This was adorable and the perfect positive boost to the day. This is a formal request for every NHL team to make one of these videos. 

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