Bruins' Zdeno Chara praises Connor McDavid, believes he could have scored 80 points when he was 16


Connor McDavid is a two-time Art Ross Trophy winner and the 2016 MVP, so he knows a thing or two about points. McDavid finished with 100 points in 2016 and 108 points in 2017, and he picked up two more with a pair of assists in the Oilers' season-opener against the Devils.

As the Bruins prepare to square off against McDavid and the Oilers on Thursday, Zdeno Chara isn't taking McDavid's abilities lightly -- nor is he overlooking the Oilers. Chara said that the new wave of great NHL players is coming, and McDavid is spearheading the movement.

"You see the skill they already have. It's way more advanced," Chara said to Reid Wilkins, via Yahoo Sports. "In our era, it didn't exist. If someone would say they're taking a power skating class or a figure skating class, you would get laughed at,"

As for McDavid, Chara added: "He probably could have played in the NHL at 16. He was so advanced. As a 16-year-old, he probably would have had 80 points."

McDavid is only 21 now, so Chara probably isn't too far off here.

McDavid was recognized as a sure thing out of the gate, and so far he's lived up to the generational billing. Now, the Oilers need to help him out. As good as McDavid's been, they backslid in a big way last year after making the playoffs (and even winning a series) in 2017. Now 0-1, the Oilers are trying to get back to winning ways. That begins with McDavid and his ridiculous potential to create goals.

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