Budweiser to offer synched-up red light, siren for Canadian fans

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If you're a die-hard hockey fan, chances are you have been looking for some NHL equivalent of the NFL's RedZone channel. Considering the fast-paced nature of hockey it's pretty tough to do but Budweiser in Canada might have found a close alternative.

During today's Super Bowl, the brewery is going to reveal a commercial for hockey fans in Canada -- sorry Americans -- to get really in touch with their hockey teams. When your favorite team scores, you'll know whether you are watching the game or not because you can have your very own red light and horn.

All you need is the app from wherever you get your apps from and the red light. Oh, and $149.

From Canadian Newswire:

"Budweiser is all about celebration and great times. As a brand that loves hockey, we wanted to elevate those key moments during the game when celebration is at its peak -- the moment a goal is scored," said Kyle Norrington, Brand Director, Budweiser. "While fans are at home enjoying the game with a cold Budweiser, we want to offer them a piece of the action and amp up goal celebrations. Budweiser developed the red lights specifically for Canadians to make hockey more fun and exciting for fans at home."

A combination of leading edge technology and innovation, the Budweiser Red Light ensures fans will never miss a goal. With a WIFI connection and the Budweiser Red Lights App -- available for iPhone and Android users -- the installation process is easy. Fans just need to select their city (or two or three!) and follow the simple instructions on the app. Hockey-obsessed Canadians can rest assured they'll know when their city has scored -- the Budweiser Red Light's horn sounds and the red light flashes. Budweiser Red Lights also give fans a 'five-minute to game time' warning message.

At first, it sounds really awesome. But there seem to be a few flaws here.

Initially, if you're such a die-hard hockey fan, aren't you presumably going to be watching the games live? If so then the red light might be pointless -- unless you want it to add to your excitement. But you assume there would be at least a slight delay, which could diminish that aspect of it.

Secondly, am I the only one who thinks it might get just a little tiresome hearing a the siren go off multiple times a day for weeks? I like hockey and the sound of the siren, but man, that could get tough.

Then there's the possibility you fall asleep while your favorite team is playing. Say you're a Maple Leafs fan and they're on the West Coast playing the Ducks and you forgot or just couldn't stay awake. All of a sudden they score a goal at midnight and you're awoken to the sights and sounds of a firetruck barrelling through your living room.

My old-man gripes aside, it is a pretty awesome idea and if it works the way it's envisioned, it could be incredible to have. Bars in particular could really enjoy and use this.

If it works out well and is a hit in Canada, hopefully it could come to hockey fans in the States not long after.

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