Cal U of Pa. hockey teams reportedly suspended after drug bust

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For your "Huh?" story of the day, the club hockey teams at California University of Pennsylvania have reportedly been suspended indefinitely because of a drug ring.

More specifically, an off-campus house where seven hockey players reportedly live was recently raided by law enforcement officials. Inside, they found loads of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Two brothers were arrested in the drug bust, both members of one of the school's two men's club teams. You can see the video report here.

As a result -- because drugs are bad, mkay -- Alby Oxenreiter, Sports Director for WPXI, says all the hockey programs at the school have been put on hold. That includes the women's team.

Indeed, it's a shock to hear that college kids are buying, selling and smoking marijuana. Please try to keep focused through your intense surprise. Of course, that doesn't make it right, and the school still has to act. It does seem a bit drastic to suspend all teams. And considering it's nearing summer already and they won't be playing for a while yet, it can get sorted out. But I'm sure they have their reasons. The drug operation was run out of the so-called "hockey house," so perhaps there is concern more were involved.

I guess you could say their club seasons have gone up in smoke. It's hard to see through the purple haze what lies ahead in the future.

In the meantime, it looks like there will be no hockey for the club programs and, really, that's the biggest crime here. Well, that or any bad weed jokes that might have been made in this post.

Cal U's upper division men's club team went 10-2 last season. One of the two brothers arrested, Jesse Powell, appears on the roster.

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