Cam Neely wants to return as Seabass in 'Dumb and Dumber 2'

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There was big news to come out not long ago -- that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels agreed to come back to make a sequel to the classic movie Dumb and Dumber. A real sequel, not that knock-off Dumb and Dumberer prequel abomination.

That's great, but why would that be mentioned in Eye on Hockey? Well, because of the memorable role of Seabass played by Bruins legend Cam Neely, of course. He didn't have a huge part in the first movie but it was certainly memorable and, word is, he could come back for the sequel.

In case you forgot, Neely has a day job these days that might get in the way of filming a movie. He's kind of busy as the Bruins' president. The Hall of Famer as of 2005 has a franchise to help run.

But surely he can take a day or two out to play the role of Seabass once again, can't he? I hope so. The world needs another round of Seabass. Even better, Seabass could have a son in the movie in the form of actor Milan Lucic, the Son of Seabass. I think this becomes a hockey movie now.

Let's just hope the sequel doesn't completely ruin the good memories of the first movie and tarnish Neely's reputation as a character actor.

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