San Jose Sharks v Washington Capitals
Patrick McDermott

When the San Jose Sharks potted an empty netter to take a two-goal lead against the Capitals in Washington on Sunday, most people thought the game was just about over. Down by two with exactly a minute left in regulation, some of the hometown fans headed for the exits. 

Hell, even the Capitals' team Twitter account was ready to pack it up and get on with the rest of their Sunday.

Unfortunately for those who assumed the game was over, the Capitals had other plans. Anyone who declared the Caps dead in the water forgot two very important things: 1) Washington has been the best team in the NHL for a good portion of this season, and 2) the San Jose Sharks have been, um....not. 

The Sharks have proven to be a team capable of frequently imploding this season, thanks in large part to their suspect defense and league-worst goaltending. Those flaws quickly came together to blow their two-goal lead in the final minute as they surrendered back-to-back tallies to Washington in just 45 seconds. 

The Capitals' Twitter account was happy to 'Old Takes Exposed' itself as the team forced overtime, then sealed the comeback win with a Lars Eller goal in OT.

And how about the Sharks' Twitter account? Shall we check in with them?

Ah yes, that seems appropriate.