Carey Price gets start vs. Finland, looks to be Canada's No. 1

Carey Price gets the nod vs. Finland, looks to be Canada's No. 1. (Getty Images)
Carey Price gets the nod vs. Finland, looks to be Canada's No. 1. (Getty Images)

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Even after two games, the big question for Canada has remained who would be the goalie going forward, Carey Price or Roberto Luongo? The answer looks to be Price.

After the two goalies split the first two starts, Canadian coach Mike Babcock was playing coy and hadn't named a "No. 1" for Canada. There wasn't much to distinguish between both of them either in the starts but the competition wasn't oustanding in Austria and Norway.

Sunday is a different story, though, with Finland on the other side. This is the game that will decide the group, the winner finishes first in Group C and earns the bye into the quarterfinals. It's Canada's first real test and Babcock has decided to go to Price. When he was finally forced into making the big decision, it was to turn to the Canadien.

Making the decision tough (and interesting from the outside) is the fact that good arguments could be made for both. In the NHL this season Price has had some better statistics but not by a substantial margin. Luongo, you'll recall, led Canada to the gold in 2010.

On the other side of the ice, Finland will turn back to Tuukka Rask after he sat out the second game against Norway in favor of Kari Lehtonen.

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