Charlie Sheen denied re-entry to Game 4, and he wasn't happy about it

Sheen begrudingly leaves. (Daily Mail)

One of the things that comes along with the Los Angeles Kings making a run to the Stanley Cup Final is that their bandwagon swells. In L.A. when a bandwagon swells, it draws in celebrities, hot and not alike.

Just like at a Lakers game, they show the celebrities in the crowd at each game, both in the arena and on TV. At Game 4, the cameras caught Matthew Perry, Will Ferrell, Alyssa Milano and Al Michaels sitting in the stands. There was another celeb who the NBC cameras didn't catch, probably because he was no longer in the arena.

Everybody's favorite celeb-gone-bad Charlie Sheen was at the game until he got the urge to smoke. Obviously, smoking is a no-no in the arena, so Sheen decided to go outside and have his tobacco in peace. Except when he did, he wasn't allowed back in.

The Lil' Wayne moment sent Sheen into an angry tirade with some NSFW commands for the security guard who refused him re-entry. You can see the video of the altercation at TMZ.

Ah, Charlie. The more he changes, the more he stays the same.

He berates the Staples Center staff about common decency and all that, but the warnings are pretty clear at the arena that you can't go out, including big "NO RE-ENTRY" signs on the doors and statements from the public address announcer.

This is the added headache (or perk, depending on your point of view) of L.A. doing so well in any sport.

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