Columbus Blue Jackets crowd rescues anthem singer after he forgets his microphone

As an anthem singer, it is important to remember two main things when going to work: The words and your microphone. 

Columbus Blue Jackets anthem singer Leo Welsh batted a cool .500 at the Jackets' game against the New York Rangers on Sunday, at least we have to assume as much. As it turns out, it's hard to know if a singer remembered the words when they forgot their microphone. 

As Leo took his place at center ice before the game, he realized that he somehow forgot to come equipped with his mic. By the time he made this horrifying discovery, he had already been introduced by the arena PA announcer and been welcomed by a ceremonial "Leo!" chant from the crowd in attendance. Too late to turn back.

Instead, Leo pretended to hold an invisible mic as a humorous way of letting the crowd know he'd screwed up, and luckily the fans stepped in to help him out.

Crowd-sung anthems are always a delight, but they seem to be a little extra cool when they come as the result of some sort of malfunction. Whether the singer forgets the words, the music system fails or a microphone goes missing -- it's always awesome to see the crowd come to the rescue. 

However, I've been on the internet far too long to appreciate this moment without being a skeptic and wondering whether this was pre-planned. Sure, the look on Leo's face when he reaches for his missing mic looks pretty genuine, but maybe he's just a good actor. Staged crowd events at sporting events seem to be all the rage these days, so would it really surprise anyone if Columbus had this trick up their sleeve?

Experience doesn't make a person immune to mistakes, but a 16-year veteran in the anthem game forgetting his microphone? And not being able to get it delivered just seconds after realizing? Seems rather convenient.

In any case, this was a very enjoyable moment, and props to the home crowd for a job well done on the recovery effort. 

Pete Blackburn is from Boston, so there's a good chance you don't like him already. He has been a writer at CBS Sports since 2017 and usually aims to take a humorous and light-hearted approach to the often... Full Bio

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