Coyotes GM Don Maloney releases statement accepting Raffi Torres suspension

Twice this postseason we have seen teams issue statements in disagreement with rulings from the NHL regarding suspensions to their players. It seemed everybody wants harsher punishments but nobody wants it to be one of their guys.

But there's an interesting dynamic at play with the Coyotes, who just had forward Raffi Torres suspended for 25 games for his hit on Marian Hossa. They are owned by the NHL. That doesn't mean the team operations staff might not voice displeasure, but it's a lot less likely.

So in response to the Torres suspension the Coyotes issued their own statement. The tenor was much more accepting of the fate of Torres rather than decrying it.

"I want to thank Brendan Shanahan and his staff for their thorough review of this incident. The ruling is very severe for Raffi and our Hockey Club. Raffi plays a hard, physical game yet this contact crossed the line on what is acceptable in our game today. We hope Marian Hossa makes a full and speedy recovery as we all enjoy watching him perform. The Club accepts the NHL's decision and will focus on our game tonight."

Torres himself joined the team for their morning skate before Game 5 against the Blackhawks in Phoenix on Saturday night, but he will not be available for comment by the Coyotes.

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