Dale Weise pounds chest after Game 3 goal in a 'shot at Boston'

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There is never any shortage of animosity between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens but that doesn't stop players from injecting even more.

The Canadiens took a 3-0 lead in Game 3 on Tuesday night when Dale Weise sprung free and finished on a breakaway. It was a huge play in the game and the goal actually ended up being the game-winner. Weise was understandably excited.

He was so excited that he decided to pound his chest in celebration.

Nothing too unusual there, right? Well sure, except the fact that the Bruins have kind of taken that on as their go-to goal celebration, in particular Milan Lucic.

This was not lost on Weise, his celebration move mirroring the Bruins was not unintentional.

That's quite the troll move from Weise but I suppose kudos are in order for owning up to it after the game. A lot of players would deny it, say they didn't realize the significance or whatever other out they could think of. Not Weise.

It's not the biggest deal in the world but some Bruins surely won't take kindly to seeing their team mocked like that. Just add a little more kindle onto the fire that is one of, if not the NHL's greatest and most heated rivalry.

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