Dale Weise says Milan Lucic 'threatened' him in handshake line

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The handshake line is one of hockey's most revered traditions. After a playoff series teams line up and congratulate the other side on a game and series well played. It's admirable, warriors showing their respect for one another.

But not every handshake line is cordial, especially when you have two intense rivals like the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens. Especially when you have Milan Lucic and Dale Weise given their series of animosity.

When going through the line, Lucic and Weise cause a minor traffic jam as Lucic lingered to say something. As you can see above, Lucic also had some words for Alexei Emelin, somebody he has had a long-running feud with.

Normally something like this would pass without much notice but Weise mentioned after the game that Lucic was a little less than gracious.

There's a bit of a rule like Las Vegas: whatever happens in the handshake line stays in the handshake line. Or at least that's how Lucic felt when he was asked what he had said to Weise.

From WEEI.com:

"That's said on the ice so it'll stay on the ice," Lucic said, "so if he wants to be a baby about it, he can make it public."

Weise didn't make it public but some lip-reading skills were able to piece it together. Or at least it seems like it's probably a very accurate guess (as you could probably guess, bad language awaits) in this tweet.

Even when this series is finished the Bruins and the Canadiens can't quit their rivalry. There is a reason (lots of them) this is one of the premier rivalries in North American sports, it's rarely friendly.

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