Devils' Blake Coleman may have already wrapped up 'goal of the year' with insane one-handed score

It's the third day of the NHL regular season but we may already have the best goal of the year.

That's thanks to Blake Coleman, who delivered an absolutely absurd one-handed highlight during the Devils' season-opener in New Jersey on Friday night. With the Devils taking it to the Jets, Coleman piled on in the second period when he was able to overpower a Winnipeg defender before somehow (???) finding a way to shovel a puck into the top corner using just one hand.

It was preposterous, and the Devils' broadcast reacted appropriately.

The sheer strength that it takes to not only shake the defender, but also get that kind of mustard and lift on a one-handed attempt while falling down... well, that's special. Maybe we should all be drinking a lot more pickle juice. 

Now, the haters may say that perhaps the goalie should have turned that attempt away, but who can blame a net-minder for not seeing that sequence coming. The haters may also say that the goal was pure luck and Coleman couldn't do that again if he tried. First of all, he's done something somewhat similar  before, and second...who cares?

Luck or not, that's one of the most ridiculous goals that will be seen this year, and Coleman only has 81 more games to try and top it.

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