The Anaheim Ducks just took a brutal tour of Canada, dropping four straight games while being outscored 23-5. The Jets, Maple Leafs, Canadiens and Senators all put sound beatings on Anaheim, who are now just one point ahead of the last-place Kings in the Western Conference standings.

Along with the Ducks every step of the way were the newly-married Gladds, who followed Anaheim throughout the road trip, and the Ducks were happy to have them.

However, some people just couldn't bear the thought of the newlyweds spending their honeymoon festivities chasing a team around Canada, only to watch it get soundly beaten night after night. So TSN's James Duthie decided to do something about it, enlisting his friends (spelled "fiends" in his tweet, but we get the context) at Wymara Turks and Caicos Resort to put the couple up for a four-night vacation.

Hockey Twitter was able to hunt the couple down, and they appear to have accepted the offer.

Wymara responded in kind.

According to Priceline, after some "last-minute savings" a night at the Wymara Resort will run you $955, so this is no small offer.

An island vacation is going to be a far cry from following the team around Canada in the dead of winter, but it's unlikely the Gladd family will mind. As for the Ducks, well, hopefully they'll also find themselves in a giving mood and give these poor fans some wins after what's been a terrible drought.