Ex-Isles star Matt Martin is marrying Sydney Esiason, whose dad loves the Rangers

Three years after her dad made it very clear that he isn't a fan of the New York Islanders, Sydney Esiason is set to marry a former longtime New York Islander.

Sydney is the daughter of Boomer Esiason, the former New York Jets quarterback and host of "Boomer and Gio" on CBS Sports Radio. She announced via Instagram on Sunday that she is now engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs winger Matt Martin.

But there was a time, as documented by the New York Post, that Boomer once made a show out of his loyalty to the Big Apple's other hockey team, the Rangers, upon meeting Martin.

"I was really nervous to bring him to the house, that he played for the Islanders was a main concern of mine," Sydney, 22, told The Post in 2015. "My mom welcomed him with open arms, of course. She's the sweetest person ever. My dad walks into the kitchen with a Brad Richards Rangers jersey on acting like this is what he wears every day, like it was totally normal and just said, 'Hey, Matt, how's it going?' and shook his hand. It was actually great because it broke the ice."

Even setting aside the fact that she used the phrase "broke the ice" in describing a father-boyfriend dynamic centered on hockey fandom, how perfect is this considering Esiason is now the future Mrs. Matt Martin? Her fiance, of course, has been playing in Toronto since 2016, but he spent a full seven seasons with the Islanders, and now he's marrying into a family that has no qualms about trashing the Rangers' intrastate rival.

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