Finland's hockey team auctioning off bikes players rode around Sochi

When does a good idea become a great idea? When you can tie in a good cause is a good way. Finland’s men’s hockey team has been riding bikes from venue to venue in the Olympic park to save their legs from some long walks and stay fresh for the ice. Other teams have been doing the same, but now Finland is making sure those bikes continue to go to good use even after they’re done with them in Sochi.

According to Finnish sportswriter Matias Strozyk, the bikes will be autographed and auctioned off for charity. As you can see above, Teemu Selanne’s ride is rather popular. No surprise there.

The funds raised through the auction will go towards efforts to build a children’s hospital in the capital city of Helsinki, according to Strozyk.

Here’s a look at Olli Jokinen’s bike, too.

The Sochi Olympics have seemingly brought out the charitable side of a lot of players as some are trying to save some of the stray dogs. Even Team USA forward and St. Louis Blues captain David Backes is trying to find a way to bring some back with him after skier Gus Kenworthy revealed he was trying to bring back the stray puppies he’s befriended in Sochi.

The Olympic spirit is alive and well in Russia.

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