Five hockey photos that will make you say Woof

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Everybody loves a good Christmas flick and this time of year they are all over the 1,700 TV channels available on cable these days.One of them that doesn't get a ton of airplay is Home Alone which doesn't have the holiday at its center but is most certainly a Christmas movie.

It has a lot of memorable scenes, most of them involving the shenanigans of young Kevin and the gangsters trying to rob his house. But let's not forget Kevin finding a photo of brother Buzz's girlfriend. Woof!

This scene is so eternally GIFable and thanks to the fantastic Interwebs, it's been made just that, GIFable, different photos included. So in the lightheared spirit of Kevin McAllister's tricks and traps, here are our five favorite Hockey Woof Photos.

5. Taylor Hall as Frankenstein

Taylor Hall suffered a massive cut to his head during a pregame skate and came out looking like Frankenstein.

4. Sebastien Courcelles' skate cut

I think we each had that reaction when we saw the photo, completely reasonable.

3. Disheveled Brian Burke

Brian Burke showed up at Thursday's press conference to announce the firing of GM Jay Feaster looking like he's had a rough day (which he had, it's not easy firing friends). He took the fun about his hair in stride and noted that most guys would love to have that hair at his age. Touche, Burke. It's so great to have Burke back around the game.

2. Sam Gagner's smile

Sam Gagner suffered a broken jaw in the preseason thanks to a wild stick connecting with his face. The aftermath wasn't pretty. At all.

1. Happy Alex Ovechkin

That Movember mustache, the grin so wide he can't keep his eyes open, the ugly sweater and the toothless gap in the middle. Having fun doesn't always lead to excellent photos. Woof indeed, Mr. McCallister, woof indeed.

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