Flashback: The 26th anniversary of 334 Club game in New Jersey

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While massively cold temperatures grip much of the United States and Canada this week (13 degrees when I woke up today??), consider that it could be a lot worse. There could be an accompanying blizzard like 26 years ago.

Jan. 22 marks the 26th anniversary of a massive storm that paralyzed the New York area. The blizzard caused the Devils-Flyers game to be delayed by a couple of hours because the players couldn't get to the arena and resulted in almost nobody in attendance. A total of 334 fans were on hand.

Here, on its anniversary, is the story of one of the most bizarre scenes at an NHL game you'll ever see.

Poor Doug Sulliman, he didn't get a load of hats for his one-and-only NHL hat trick.

That's pretty cool, though, that they sent commemorative items to all the fans in attendance that day. Now we know why the attendance at that game all these years later doesn't sound like 334,000, with many people claiming to have been there. The group that was on hand that day is thus known as the 334 Club.

But it does make me wonder: How come the MLB's Florida Marlins don't have a 347 Club? (We won't apologize for that low blow, there was no excuse of a blizzard or hurricane.)

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