Fugitive red light blimp found in New Brunswick woods

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Good news, Canada: Budweiser's goal light blimp has been found.

Bad news, Canada: It is yet to be retrieved.

The 70-foot-long blimp that was made for the Olympics and is literally a big goal light in the sky, was stationed outside an event in St. John, New Brunswick when it broke free from its tethers and began floating away. That was on Saturday.

Aside from a few scattered sightings, the blimp was nowhere to be found by officials but it was expected to come down around Sussex, NB, some 70 kilometers to the northeast of St. John.

Indeed it has descended in New Brunswick and officials know exactly where it is. But getting to it is going to a challenge. From the CBC:

"It's in a wooded area in New Brunswick that doesn't look like it's going to be real easy to get to," said Wade Keller, director of corporate affairs (Atlantic) for Labatt Breweries.

Keller is not disclosing the location where the blimp was found.

"We know there is a lot of interest and a lot of curiosity," he said. "We haven't even talked to to the property owner yet.

"We don't want people going out to try and find it on their own, so at this point we're not going to release the exact location."

Keller said the company's next step is to contact the property owner and devise a plan to retrieve the blimp, which when inflated was two storeys high and 21 metres long.

"I've seen an aerial photo. It does look like it's going to be a challenge."

The blimp was seen descending by a local who alerted Lablatt to its whereabouts. The deflated blimp was then spotted by an air search crew. As of yet they aren't saying exactly where the blimp is, apparently afraid of somebody trying to get the blimp before they can recover it.

So the plus side here is the Red Zeppelin, as it is officially named, didn't go down like another famous zeppelin. Hopefully it can live to light up the skies of Canada again. Just make sure it's tied down next time.

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