GIF: Brandon Prust's ferocious uppercut to Cam Janssen's jaw

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Wednesday night in New Jersey, Canadiens forward Brandon Prust and Devils forward Cam Janssen do what they do best; drop the gloves and fight.

It all started with Janssen getting a little aggressive and plowing into budding Habs star Alex Galchenyuk. Prust decided he had to reel Janssen in and the two went for a spin, a long spin.

It didn't look like there was really much that happened in the fight from the Devils broadcast but on the replay even Devils color man Chico Resch couldn't help but be impressed by the ferocious uppercut Prust landed. It was caught in super slo-mo and GIF'd by the guys at Eyes on the Prize because of course.

I keep expecting that if I watch the loop enough times, Janssen's head isn't going to come back down like a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot. What a haymaker.

S/t to @Dr_Habs, Hockey Fights

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