GIF: Corey Perry squirts water into Jeff Carter's glove

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Corey Perry is a world-class hockey player. He won the Hart Trophy a few years ago for the Ducks and is one of the NHL's best goal-scorers.

Corey Perry is also a world-class royal pain in the rear and is not exactly the NHL's most popular player. Perhaps it's because he does things like this (via @MyRegularFace).

Yes, you're seeing that right; Corey Perry was having a drink of water and decided that Jeff Carter's glove must have been thirsty too so he started squirting water into said glove while it rested on the dasher in front of the benches. To his credit, Carter actually seemed pretty unphased by it all but what a sly, and dirty, thing to do.

Perry might be the NHL's ultimate pest; good and an incredible annoyance, what a combination.

That probably helps to explain why Jonathan Quick punched Perry right in the family jewels in the second period to give the goalie a two-minute roughing minor.

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