GIF: Jake Muzzin rocks Marcus Kruger with huge hit

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The next time somebody tries to tell you big hits have been legislated out of hockey, just point them to Jake Muzzin's blast on Marcus Kruger on Wednesday night.

The Kings defenseman absolutely rocked Kruger right in front of the Blackhawks bench in the third period when Kruger was reaching out for the puck. A good and MASSIVE hit that just about sent Kruger into the stands it was so big.

Have a look via @PeteBlackburn:

It does look like the principal point of contact was to the head but in a case like this with Kruger putting himself in a vulnerable position and contributing, the onus isn't on Muzzin as much.

Somewhat amazingly, Kruger got right up from the hit and stayed in the game. We've come to expect the impactful hits to result in injuries so thankfully that wasn't the case here, instead it was just a big hit. They're a lot of fun, just not necessarily if you're the guy taking the hit.

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