GIF: Phil Kessel has problems with a faulty water bottle

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Phil Kessel is worth watching anytime he's on the ice because he's usually a second away from doing something exciting. Phil Kessel is also worth watching on the bench because, well, he might do something like this.

OK so this was the fault of the water bottle and not Kessel but, uh, it's still pretty hilarious.

There is so much goodness here, where do you even start? There's the fact that Kessel holds it up for a good second before giving up on the water hitting his parched mouth. Or there's the fact that he appears to be guzzling air anticipating that water that isn't coming.

You can't forget the very quick toss of that hunk o' junk water bottle. Just a little flip of the wrist and away it goes to water bottle hell.

You can only wish that Nazem Kadri had seen this out of the corner of his eye for some kind of reaction as Kessel appeared to have wet himself.

From smelling salts to pounding Gatorade to this now, it's been a fun season on the bench for Kessel. What a star.

His Olympic teammate Dustin Brown is off the hook now. OK, that's a lie, this will never get old.

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