GIF: Ron MacLean reacts to Don Cherry's women in locker room rant

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We interrupt your interest in the NHL playoff chase for another crazy rant from Don Cherry.

He opened his Coach's Corner segment on Saturday night by discussing the comments from Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith earlier this week that were directed at a female reporter (you can read about it here).

"My good buddy and a good friend of mine, Duncan Keith, is in a little trouble in Vancouver." said Cherry. "And the reason was, he was smarty to a female reporter. He just said something about you should be a referee or something, and the males -- she didn't say anything -- but the male reporters went a little nuts. Now he's a sexist and all that stuff. I don't believe -- and I really believe this -- I don't believe women should be in the male dressing room."

Let's stop there. Here is how Cherry's long-time partner, Ron MacLean, reacted ...



Cherry continued: "I remember the first time it happened to me. Guys are walking around naked, and I hear this woman's voice. I turn around, and there's a woman and she's asking me about the power play. I say let's go outside and she says she's not embarrassed, and I say I am."

From there, the two yelled back and forth about why woman are allowed in men's locker rooms (MacLean said they should be allowed as it's part of their job) and men aren't allowed in women's locker rooms (MacLean said they should be).

Just because it's worth pointing out: Every NHL locker room that I've ever been in has a different room for interviews and where the media is allowed access to and where players get changed. There's never anybody "walking around naked" in the section the media is allowed in.

It's a good thing hardly anybody takes Don Cherry seriously any more.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled playoff races.

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