GIF: Towels, trash rain on Milan Lucic after testy Game 6 in Montreal

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Milan Lucic is not a popular man in Montreal, or any NHL city outside of Boston, really. When you play on the edge the way he does, that's bound to happen.

Not surprisingly when Game 6 was winding down in Montreal on Monday night with the Canadiens up 4-0, the game got a bit out of hand. There was ANOTHER stick to the groin (Andrei Markov on Zdeno Chara) that seemed to really set things off.

The scrums were all over the ice, all sorts of pushing, shoving and punching. Lucic is never shy about the latter and he got in a couple on Mike Weaver while the two were being restrained. The end of the game was simply a mess. So was Lucic's exit to the dressing room. When Lucic hit the door to walk off the ice in Montreal, he was greeted with a torrent of towels and trash raining down on his head from the Montreal faithful. To his credit, Lucic didn't even seem to flinch (GIF via The Score).

Certainly there is some irony here as just when the scrums started breaking out in the final 30 seconds, the Montreal Canadiens' Twitter feed got in on the trash ... talking with this simply hashtag.

At about the same time the Habs sent that tweet, fans were throwing garbage onto the ice as well (only a few items but still).

In other words, that tweet might have backfired a bit, though there's no denying the Bruins gooned it up some as everybody expected in a game that was all but over, Lucic absolutely included.

Nothing like setting the stage for Game 7.

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