GM Meetings: Amid OT talk, GMs discuss more 'kicked-in' goals

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Most of the talk in the first two days of the GM Meetings in Florida have surrounded overtime and what changes, if any, might the GMs suggest to decrease the amount of shootouts across the NHL.

The message has been pretty clear; don't expect a massive overhaul. There are some ideas that are more minor that could very well be recommendations from the GMs when the meetings are done but nothing crazy.

However that's not all they are discussing. Here's a rather interesting one that Elliotte Friedman says has been broached: Kicking motions.

Perhaps this was born out of the second-most popular talking item at the meetings, the use of expanded video replay. Kicked-in goals are always one of the toughest calls referees have to make and they always go to video review.

As it stands now, if there was a "distinct kicking motion" that put the puck in the net, it's no goal. Asking for more leniency on this might allow for a few more goals but it' doesn't make the water any less murky.

It's hard to redefine the line as anything but an all or nothing. Can only egregious kicks be disallowed while subtle or seemingly accidental kicks are OK?

As Friedman notes, there is a lot more work that would need to be done on this front. Changes come slowly in the NHL rule book but they all start with a conversation, often at the GM Meetings. Don't expect to hear much more on kicks this week but down the line, who knows?

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