GMs approve recommendations, NHL will try hybrid icing in preseason

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The NHL general managers are meeting in Boston as the Stanley Cup Final plays out between the Bruins and Blackhawks, and on Wednesday they reviewed the suggestions put forth by the Competition Committee a few weeks back.

In a non-surprise, all recommendations were approved by the 30 GMs. The one that drew the most attention when the recommendations came out was the requirement of mandatory visors for new players coming into the league, but there were others as well.

Chief among those was the idea of hybrid icing in the NHL. NHLPA rep Mathieu Schneider said that they will give it a trial period in the preseason and the NHLPA and Board of Governors will vote on it before the season starts, whether to carry it into the season as well.

"I think that will be an interesting experiment," Schneider said (via "I'm optimistic. I've learned more through these meetings watching videos and getting a better understanding, but I think it's really going to give our players an opportunity of what it's like to play and to watch the hybrid. We'll see. If it makes the game safer, it's a great thing."

For those looking for a tutorial on no-touch/hybrid icing, here you go.

Other approved recommendations include shallower nets and reviews on double majors for high-sticking.

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