Gritty is the real 'Tiger King,' shows off Joe Exotic impersonation in music video

While the world has been in quarantine due to the coronavirus, people have been binge-watching "Tiger King" on Netflix. The show is centered around a pair of animal park owners in which tigers are their main attractions. Considering the show's enormous popularity, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that legendary Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty decided to make a video that has to do with "Tiger King."

In the show, one of the animal park owners, Joe Exotic, sings several country songs with the most popular being "I Saw A Tiger," so Gritty made a video with that tune serving as the backdrop.

In the video, Gritty can be seen spending time with a cat, a close relative to tigers. Gritty also holds and plays with the cat while playing a miniature guitar just like Joe Exotic. Exotic sings several country songs during the series and even put out a pair of albums.

Gritty never misses an opportunity to make fans laugh and this one may take the cake. Gritty doing just about anything can be entertaining, but pretending to sing along to a country ballad is just amazing.

"Tiger King" is an absolute wild thrill ride that keeps viewers' jaws on the floor throughout. Combine that with Gritty and you have an absolute masterpiece.

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