Hockey fight: Golden Knights' Ryan Reaves trades massive blows with Rangers' Adam McQuaid

Fights at T-Mobile Arena tend to be a big deal, so fans who were in attendance for the Golden Knights' game against the Rangers got more than they bargained for when Vegas winger Ryan Reaves squared up with New York defenseman Adam McQuaid in the third period.

Reaves was avenging Vegas forward Max Pacioretty, who was leveled by McQuaid away from the play. 

Reaves actually came onto the ice to let McQuaid know what he thought of the hit before the two squared up for a heavyweight slugfest.

Reaves is lucky he won, because it would have been awfully embarrassing if McQuaid had just dropped him too. The two had a solid square-up before the fight, with McQuaid just drifting around Reaves.

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It was a bit like the fights of old, with the referee standing just behind the action letting things unfold until there was a clear winner. Reaves has been involved in three of the Golden Knights' four fights this year, according to the Las Vegas Sun, and he clearly doesn't mind going to bat for his teammates.

Even though the fight was short, those are two big guys. Reaves stands at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 225 pounds, whereas McQuaid is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. Neither of them are guys you want to drop gloves with on a good day, but Reaves did what he felt he had to do. It's hard to believe the Golden Knights will be angry at him for the five-minute major, especially for a player they traded for this year in Pacioretty, whom they acquired from the Canadiens.

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