Ilya Bryzgalov is not pleased with the media

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Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov has been in the news quite a bit over the past few days, and it's had little to do with his play on the ice.

There was the buyout talk that surfaced and Bryzgalov's comments that he wasn't really worried about it, and then came the reports about him being benched against the Islanders because he reportedly fell asleep during a team meeting. (There was also this footage of him on the bench in Winnipeg).

Well, after the Flyers' loss to the Ottawa Senators on Thursday night Bryzgalov was asked if the past few days have been hard for him because of everything that's been going on.

Bryzgalov used that as an opportunity to lecture the media.

Take it away, Bryz...

Watching the Bryzgalov-Philadelphia media relationship as an outsider to the Philadelphia sports scene is like watching a thousand trains slowly crash on top of each other. Sure, it's awful to watch, but you just can't look away.

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