Jason Spezza enlisted the help of his teammates to make a sad situation good. (Getty Images)
Jason Spezza got help from his teammates to make a sad situation good. (Getty Images)

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Hockey players are well known for their genrosity and charitable spirit. All around, they're hailed as great guys thanks to acts like what John Tavares did for a young Islanders fan who was jeered at a Jets game.

Another perfect example is what Ottawa Senators captain Jason Spezza did recently for an ill fan.

Spezza and his teammate Erik Karlsson gave a personalized photo of themselves to Justin, who was described as a "very sick young boy" at Ottawa's Saint-Vincent Hospital. However that photo was stolen when a car outside the hospital was broken into (via Metro News).

Ottawa Police began searching for the perpetrator but Spezza wasn't interested in waiting for an outcome.

Once again, an NHL star has done his best to make the best of an otherwise sad story and do his best he did. That's an amazing keepsake that the Senators are sending, way better than just a replacement.

Here's Justin getting his new gear.

In a way it reminds of the baseball move The Sandlot when Smalls loses his stepdad's Babe Ruth baseball and James Earl Jones gives him a ball signed by the entire Murderer's Row team. Except, you know, this one is real life making it so much cooler.

Kudos to Spezza and the Senators for an awesome gesture.