Jean-Sebastien Giguere's third mask transforms him into a Yeti

Giguere's mask resembles the head of a Yeti. (InGoal Mag)
Giguere's mask resembles the head of a Yeti. (InGoal Mag)

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The goalie mask designs keep coming in as the season is approaching and as usual they are all pretty excellent. It's one of my favorite things about the summer in the NHL.

Usually the masks will be painted with designs as more decoration than anything else. To show things the goalie likes and usually some way that it ties in with their uniform. Avalanche Jean-Sebastien Giguere is going with a slightly different approach; he will wear his like an actual mask.

Jiggy's new cage is painted to look like the head of Yeti, as if he were simply putting on a big abominable snowman head over his. The bottom of the mask features a jaw line, the top is flowing white/snow-covered hair and on the sides there are ears. Giguere's eyes, nose and mouth obviously serve as the Yeti's eyes, nose and mouth.

Here is how he explained it to InGoal Magazine (where you can see more photos from different angles of the new mask).

"I am the Yeti," Giguere said. "It's a new design, a new look, and a new painter to go with our third jerseys, so I will wear it in practice and with the third jersey. It's a good look, very simple and I like it. It was my wife's idea."

The new design by Sylvie Poitras should go along well with what his partner in net Semyon Varlamov picked up last year. He too had a mask featuring a Yeti who was having a snow ball battle with a snow man. The Yeti, of course, is associated with the Avs as they have a secondary logo that is simply the foot of a Yeti.

Giguere's mask goes personal on the back with his nickname and the initials of his children, though he forgot his wife.

"Yeah, I probably should have put my wife on there."


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